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My New Year’s Resolution: Baby Steps!


New Year’s resolutions. Why do I make these again? So that in a month, I can feel like I failed for yet another year? Every year I say, oooh no, this year it’s the real deal, I mean business. Well, maybe if I write them for the world to see, I’ll HAVE to stick with them. At least that’s what I’m telling myself!

But this year, I’m just taking baby steps. Small things to hopefully help make the big picture a little brighter.

Baby Step #1: The Dollar Bill Savings Plan

From now on, I will not purchase anything with dollar bills. Instead, I will save each and every one I get. This isn’t a new concept, you’ve probably heard it discussed before. But what better way to save a little more and rethink your spending! This article says it best: If you are buying a coffee, pay for it with a $5, and put away the dollar bills you get back in change. If you cannot afford to pay for your coffee with a $5, then don’t buy it! Now THAT is a changed way of thinking for me!

There is also a variant of this with $5 bills… once I master the baby step of $1 bills, I’m going to try to include both $1s and $5s. Cha ching!

Baby Step #2: Soup for Lunch

This one is exactly what the title says. I will eat soup for lunch every work day. My husband started this a year or so ago. A client he was doing work for told him that she and her husband did this and were able to lose a few pounds with no other life changes. Now, if you saw my husband, you’d know he hasn’t any weight to lose (must be nice!), but he saw it as an opportunity to eat a little lighter. So I’m joining him!

This is going to help me take a baby step towards a couple things: Hopefully I can lose a few pounds, and hopefully this will keep me from spending far too much money on lunch. If anything, I won’t have an excuse to not pack a lunch, because I can keep extra cans and a microwave-safe bowl at the office.

To start, I’m not going to put any rules around types of soup, and yes, I’m buying cans. The next step? Making my own soups!

Baby Step #3: Dwell on the Good

I came across this idea on good old Pinterest. Each time something good happens for us, write it down on paper, and put it in a jar. Then on New Year’s Eve, open the jar, and read all the wonderful things that have happened for you all year.

But my plan is a little different. Yes, we will write down all our positivity. But why only open it at the end of the year? I’m going to take an extra photo album and stick our written notes in the photo slots. And whenever we need a pick-me-up, reading this will be our inspiration to smile. No more dwelling on the negative!

So, what are you doing for a better 2013?


Author: Lanie

We could just make do... or we can make our dreams come true! Our lemonade is getting sweeter with every passing day. This multi-faceted Mommy is always ready to squeeze a lemon or two!

4 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolution: Baby Steps!

  1. I love Baby Step #3! I’m definitely going to try that out too 🙂

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