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hey life, bring on the lemons!

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I’m baaaaack…

It’s safe to say my first attempt at blogging was a failure. Not so much with the writing (or at least I hope), but all with the keeping up. It’s been almost 2 months since I last posted. Unfortunately there are only 168 hours in a week and that just hasn’t been enough. HOWEVER, I’m not giving up or losing sight. I want to do this, I really really do! And with some upcoming life changes and a major refocus on priorities, I think I might just be able to. Details on that to follow soon.

So what have I been up to? Let’s start with the rain in my living room. True story. Wait, okay, it wasn’t actual rain, but water from our upstairs bathroom. Pouring right into our living room. At the speed of light. Which lead to a 3 week renovation project resulting in lots of dust. You just can’t contain that stuff! On the upside, the water poured right onto a loveseat that Don hated, so he was happy to finally be able to throw it away without me saying wait until we get new furniture. And I now have recessed lighting and a pretty new ceiling fan. Heck, if you’re pulling everything out anyway, might as well get some upgrades!

And then, there was the flu. Influenza Type B, to be specific. Not me or Don, but both kids. We would have taken it two-fold over having to watch our babies suffer! It took awhile for the kids to get back to their smiley selves, but thankfully they did with no major complications. It just took a great deal of rest, quite a few doses of Tylenol, the constant humming of a humidifier, and lots of cuddles.

As an update to all my previous posts: Damn my Super Bowl prediction was good! I ate cupcakes when I watched the Biggest Loser finale- and when I saw Danni, I wanted to spit them up because she looks so good and I was a bit envious! I still don’t get any sleep. I still do rock out in my minivan each day. As for the New Year’s Resolutions, I’m doing pretty good, but soup every day proved to be a little too repetitive for me.

So thanks for caring enough to stick with me, despite the 2 month lag. More to come!