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hey life, bring on the lemons!

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Change. I’ve always feared that word. I usually like things as they are, no interruptions to my routines, same old thing over and over. I won’t even try new things at restaurants; depending on where we go, I have the one specific menu item that I’m always going to choose. Then something happened. I don’t know if it’s because I turned 30 last year, or if it’s adding a 2nd kid to the mix, or what. But I needed a change in my life big time.

So, I quit my job my full time job. Or as Don prefers I say (because apparently it sounds more positive), I resigned. I was fortunate enough to receive an offer to work part time from home for a small business. Though for some odd reason I stewed for a couple weeks over whether or not this was the best decision for our family, at the end of the day it was a no-brainer. There were finances and benefits to worry about. There’s the thought that this would mean Blake wouldn’t have the same young age schooling opportunities as Carlene had, since he will be home with me now. And then there was the crazy idea of change. But half days from home meant more time being a Mom. So like I said, it ended up being a no-brainer.

This was the very first time in my life I quit a job. I had been with my employer for 7 years. I have been at my bartending job for 12 years (nope, not quitting that one!). Yes, I did have other employment before these things, but they all ended for other reasons. My high school waitressing job ended because the restaurant closed down, and I had just left for college anyway. I was going to work there on my college breaks, so I never officially quit. I taught tennis at a summer camp over the summers throughout high school and college, but I never really quit, I just told them I wasn’t returning the summer after I graduated from college. I was at my college internship for 2 semesters, but once the internship was over, that was the end of that.

So this all went down last month. I’m a few weeks into the new life, and it’s going pretty well. Sometimes it can be a juggling act, trying to give Blake the attention he’s requesting while trying to get my daily work tasks done right (Carlene is in Pre-K, so her life has mostly remained the same, except that now she gets to sleep a little later each day). And I don’t have as much time to do things around the house or try new ventures as I thought I would. But it’s a juggling act I wouldn’t trade for the world. Watching my son grow and learn each and every day is just amazing, and it’s an opportunity I never thought I’d have. I’m feeling so blesssed!

Am I a big fan of change now? Not really, I’m still on the fence. But this change, this was a good one. And who knows, maybe the next time we go out to eat, I’ll be all crazy and order something different off the menu.


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True Life: I’m a slacker.

Well, I’m officially a slacker. My personal goal for the blog was to post at least once a week. But as you can see, the past couple of weeks are a little bare. I have been full of ideas, and I can’t wait to put them in writing. Unfortunately these great ideas like to pop in my head while I’m working, which is why they haven’t made their ways to you yet. But there is a lot more to come, I promise.

So, what’s with the slacking? Let me tell you. When they say 2 kids is significantly harder than 1 kid, they aren’t lying. I’m exhausted! Being back to work has been a big challenge. Mornings in our house are like a 3 ring circus. They start around 5:15…. well, that’s when my alarm goes off. Baby Blake thinks mornings start at 4. Sleep is not his favorite thing.

So let’s start over. My mornings generally start around 4 a.m. by feeding Blake. By the time he’s done eating and we’re back to bed, it’s around 4:45. I do lay back down but really it’s pointless. When my iPhone alarm goes off at 5:15 with the sound of Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten,” I hit snooze. Usually twice. Must be because it’s my favorite song. Anyway, Don actually gets up when his alarm goes off the first time, so by this point he’s already dressed and downstairs, brewing coffee and making lunches. He rocks! And now I’m cursing myself out for oversleeping, and praying that Blake stays asleep just long enough for me to shower.

Now it’s around 6. Don and I are dressed and ready, so now it’s kid time. He gets Carlene up and ready, and I love overhearing their daily discussions over what she’s going to wear. “Daddy, I want to wear a dress!” “Carlene, just wear jeans today, it’s cold outside.” “Noooo Daddy, I can only wear dresses to school! I’ll wear leggings with it!” It seriously cracks me up that she will only wear dresses to school. She didn’t get that from me, because I rarely wear a dress. She’s just living up to her Princess title I guess!

Luckily for me, Blake couldn’t care less what he wears. His biggest concern is eating again, so I just need to be speedy in getting him changed. All 4 of us are downstairs around 6:20. I feed Blake, Don gets Carlene her breakfast. Whew. Now it’s just a matter of getting out the door by 7.

We load up the van with the necessary 7 bags (see: Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays). Don helps to get the kids in the van, kisses us all goodbye, and hops into his work truck. I take the kids to daycare (school, as we call it). And then I too am off to work. And when I finally get to my desk around 8, I take a big giant deep breath, and stare at the wall for about a minute before diving into my day. After all, I already feel like I’ve run a damn marathon!

I wish feeling like you’ve run a marathon burned the calories of actually running a marathon. I’d have that pre-kid beach body back in no time. But none of this is an excuse for the lack of recent posts! I’ll try to do better going forward, I promise!

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Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays.


Oh do I ever. Today was my first day back to work after having Baby Blake. I knew the day would come far too quickly, and of course it did. I’ve spent the last few months living in sweatpants, indulging in daytime television, and loving on my little guy, and I’ve basked in every second of it. I’m not sure if it was the non-stretchy waist banded dress pants, or speaking with people who don’t respond to your every word with bright eyes and big smiles, but I was just plain uncomfortable all day long.

My morning started with being puked on. Blake decided that Eau de Breastmilk was the scent I should wear today. Luckily, we were still home, and I had another outfit that actually fit. I then left the house with 7 bags: Princess Carlene’s school bag, Blake’s diaper bag, Blake’s school bag, a cooler with Blake’s bottles (since we have a bit of a commute), my lunch, my pump, and my purse. In addition, I had my water bottle, my coffee, and Carlene’s water. Whew. You’d think we were taking a week long vacation. I wish! Disney, where art thou?!

I got to work to find that my computer was locked by a coworker who needed to borrow while I was out. So my first hour was spent trying to figure out what to do about that. Thank goodness said coworker then arrived and was able to solve my problem. Then I had to attend a staff meeting with my new boss. That’s right, new boss. Nothing like coming back to work after a few months to find that everything has changed. And I won’t mention the 2,498 unread emails that were in my inbox. Oops, just did… well, I solved that issue with the delete button.

On the upside, Blake is spending this month at my office daycare, so I had the best lunch date! I get to bring him every day for the first month! After that it’s just an emergency type thing, so he’ll be attending our regular daycare. But I’ll take any time I can get. And my pump breaks give me a little mental decompression time. I can hide from my coworkers in our lactation room and just enjoy the silence. And when all is said and done, I know I am very blessed to have a job.

But uncomfortable is still the best word for today. Uncomfortable clothes and shoes. Uncomfortable being away from my baby and my home. Uncomfortable with some of my job changes. Uncomfortable. But I’m NOT dwelling on the negative. So here’s to a more comfortable tomorrow!