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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends, family, and followers! I hope your day is full of food, fun, and football! I’ve got a few posts in the works, including more Disney and something about my latest adventure. And my Facebook page (Loving Lemonade) is full of words of wisdom and inspiration, if you’re looking for a little reading in the meantime! Have a safe and wonderful holiday!



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Lessons learned at the farm…

…none of which have anything to do with farming! This past weekend, we indulged ourselves in the October tradition of pumpkin picking at a local farm, complete with a hayride, animal farm, ice cream, even a bouncy house. We had a blast! It was a really great family day.

But no family trip goes without lessons learned. Here’s what our day at the farm taught me:

Lesson 1: Kids turn into line-cutters, because parents teach them how to be line-cutters.  It must be a vicious circle! Carlene was sweetly waiting in the bouncy house line when some lady comes up with her three kids, and tells them to get in front of Carlene. Don was standing over there with her, and said, excuse me but she is next. The lady asks, “Oh, are you sure?” At this point, it’s much better that he was over there instead of me, because there IS a such thing as a stupid question in my opinion, and this was one. So anyway, a parent standing nearby confirmed that YES, Carlene was standing there. To which this line-cutting mentor responds, she didn’t see her there. Whatever lady, better hope your pants don’t catch on fire later!

Lesson 2: When you can’t control your 2 year old, just hand them a can of Mountain Dew. Another fantastic example of prime parenting! This toddler was crying. Why, I don’t know. But I see the mother return with a can of Mountain Dew, pop it open, and hand it to the kid. WHAT?!?! Okay, I’m sure some of you give your kids soda. I’m sure I drank a ton of it myself as a kid (and I still drink too much now). But Mountain Dew?! That kid’s not going to sleep for 2 days! Which makes me say to myself… well, maybe the parents will rethink Mountain Dew as a drink of choice by midnight tonight.

Lesson 3: If there is anything you can think of that you would enjoy in pumpkin flavor, they probably make it. Case in point on this trip: Pumpkin Soft Serve Ice Cream. Now, I’m not big on pumpkin anything (no, not even Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes!), but Don loves it, so he ordered one topped with chocolate sprinkles. He said it was delicious. I’ll take his word for it. What next, pumpkin filled M&Ms or pumpkin meat marinade? Or do they already make those things too? Don’t you people get tired of all this pumpkin stuff?!

Lesson 4: Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, beats a day out with my family. NOTHING! Okay, so maybe this isn’t a new lesson learned, but it sure was a nice reminder!

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