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Getting Bratty over Bratz

The first time I heard of a Bratz doll, I was in college. I said I would never let my potential future daughter have any scantily clad doll wearing far too much makeup with a name that promotes bad behavior, and I still feel that way now. But I also figured that there was no way society would stand for such a product, and I was sure there would be no Bratz dolls for me to worry about with my future daughter.

Bratz dolls from 2010

Bratz dolls from 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fast forward to now, and I’m the mother of a wonderful 5-year-old daughter. Somehow, society has not blacklisted Bratz dolls. In fact, now there are even Bratz movies, video games, a TV series. And yesterday, as Carlene and I were leaving the grocery store, what should she see at eye level but a Bratz movie in a Redbox. “Oh, Mommy, Mommy, can I get THAT movie?!” Upon seeing what she was requesting, I’m pretty sure my eyes actually did bug out of my head. I couldn’t say NO fast enough. Which then caused me to have a very upset daughter. Oh well. I still feel strongly that I will not let her have these toys in her life.

These dolls wear more makeup than I’ve ever owned. Their clothing definitely doesn’t meet usual dress code requirements.  I’m fairly certain that if a girl actually wore such an outfit in real life, she wouldn’t be able to successfully sit down and maintain any sort of modesty. The tag line with these dolls is fashion. This is NOT childhood fashion! I mean, maybe if you are 22 and heading to a club. Go for it. But I’m pretty sure 22 year olds aren’t looking to Bratz dolls for fashion advice.  In fact, the Manufacturer’s Suggested Age is 6 & up. I can’t help but wonder if those running this company (MGA Entertainment) have children, and if they let their children play with these dolls.

I’m ready for the judgment.  “But I bet your daughter has Barbies.” Yes, she does. Quite a few. I too owned Barbies. She dresses with more class, and she wears proper shades of lipstick. And at least Barbie has some life aspirations. She wants to be a veterinarian, an astronaut, a teacher.  What sort of aspirations do these Bratz dolls reflect?

I’m no radical who thinks the world will ruin my children. They watch their fair share of cartoons, I don’t always adhere to age suggestions on toys. But WHY would we want our kids to have anything that contains the word “Brat?”  And to top it off, MGA Entertainment didn’t even spell the word “Brats” right! Yes, let’s spell it with a Z so we’re also teaching our children bad grammar!

Let it be known that I’m not judging any parent who has let their child have these dolls or movies. We’re all just trying to do our best here. But I’m all about open discussion, and I’d really love to hear what sparked it. Was it a gift? Did you find it harmless? Do you think I’m overreacting? Trust me, you won’t offend me, and I have no intention of offending you.

I know I’ve got at least 3 more years of Bratz doll avoidance ahead of me. Wish me luck.